Responsive Web Design

Look good on any device.

As technology has become easier to use and more convenient people in turn have frequently turned to cell phones and tablets for their internet usage experience.  For businesses this means that the same rules that once applied to developing their website has changed. In a society where cell phones and tablets rule the world it’s important to make sure your company’s website has the capability and functionality not only on a desktop but on any other mobile or tablet device.

This is where responsive web design comes into play and does its job in guaranteeing your website’s SEO strength as well as giving you an advantage over competitors who haven’t yet adapted to mobile or tablet friendly capabilities. Responsive web design is a web design process aimed at developing websites that provide a viewing experience that is easy to read and navigate on any size screen or device.

If your companies not using responsive web design it could alienate you from a large and growing audience of mobile and tablet users who want a simple and convenient viewing experience. Lacking responsive web design could also cause your website to decrease in ranking in mobile search results on search engines such as Google thus leading to a loss in clientele.

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Google will use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and boost rankings for mobile-friendly websites. Google openly recommends using responsive web design. Google recommends that web designers follow the industry best practice of responsive web design, using the same HTML for all devices, using media queries to decide rendering on each device.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design